Implication of 2015-2016 Budget Reductions in WRPS

The Government of Alberta announced its 2015 budget on Thursday, March 26th. The Board of Trustees reviewed the impact of the budget on students and staff and identified a number of critical concerns.

In 2014-2015 the Board’s operating deficit is projected to be 2.6 million. As a result of the funding cuts WRPS is projecting a 3.87 million dollar budget deficit for 2015-2016 school year.  Our 2015-2016 budget problem became more devastating when we were informed that we are unable to access our reserves without the express approval of the Minister. The Minister directed that school boards must submit balanced budgets.  The Board must, therefore, cut $3.87 million dollars from the budget.  To lessen the negative impact on students the Board must use its accumulated surplus to submit a balanced budget.

The Provincial Budget, however, stripped school boards of their authority to manage their accumulated surplus.  “As locally elected officials, we work hard to be fiscally responsible and accountable to our communities.  The Board needs the flexibility to manage that surplus to protect students and classrooms from the ups and downs in the economy.  Due to the imposed funding cuts and the freezing of school surpluses, students in our classrooms are now at risk of losing programs, supports and services,” stated Deanna Specht, Board Chair.

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What's New This Week:

May Hot Lunch Program - Tuesday, May 5 - Subs, Thursday, May 7 - Pizza, Friday, May 8 - Tacos in a Bag (Due to Track Meet scheduled for Tuesday, May 26), next Tuesday, May 12 - Lasagna, May 14 - Perogies & Sausages, May 19 - Mac & Cheese, May 21 - Spaghetti & Meatballs & May 28 - Hot Dogs.

Mental Health Awareness Week - May 4 to May 8 - Activities for Mental Health Week include:  Family Game Night @ Wetaskiwin Drill Hall - May 4 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m., Hat Day at Alder Flats Elementary School - Wednesday, May 6 - for a small donation you can wear your hat to school & Disconnect to Connect - Friday, May 8 - turn off all electronics & do something with your family/friends.

Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser - Your pizza orders will be available for pick up on Thursday, May 7 from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. at the school. Pizza orders must be picked up by parents/guardians.  Orders will not be sent home with students.

Plant Fundraiser - Your plant orders will be available for pick up from Thursday, May 7 to Sunday, May 10 at 'The Flower Patch', during their regular business hours of 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Kindergarten Friday - This Friday, May 8 is a Kindergarten Friday at Alder Flats Elementary School.

Parent Council Meeting & Elections for 2015/2016 - Elections for the next school year Parent Council Executive will be held Monday, May 11 at 8:45 a.m. in the school library.  The regular monthly meeting will follow the elections.  If you would like to get involved, have your say & make a difference, please attend.

Grade 1 Bottle Drive - The Grade 1 students at Alder Flats Elementary School are trying to raise funds to donate to the Stollery Children's Hospital by holding a Bottle Drive.  The Bottle Drive has been extended to May 14/15.  If you are able to contribute, please drop your bottles off at the Alder Flats Bottle Depot.  Thank you for your donations to such a worthy cause.

Playful Learning Pre-School Bottle Drive - Playful Learning Pre-School is having a Bottle Drive from May 1 - 28.  For more information, please contact Melissa @ 403-405-4901 or Krysten @ 780-515-1440.

School Yearbooks - It's still not too late to pre-order your 2014/2015 yearbook.  Order forms are available at the school office.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Leeder at 780-388-3881.

Student Dress Code - Now that the warmer weather has arrived & students are dressing for summer, please remember that Alder Flats Elementary School has a 'student dress code' policy.  Shorts should not be shorter than mid-thigh & tops with spaghetti straps should not be worn to school.  Thank you for your cooperation in support of our school dress code policy.

Breakfast Program - Research shows that ultimate learning potential occurs when students are not hungry.  Apples, oranges, granola bars & cereal bars will be available to students who need that extra little 'pick-me-up' to get them through morning classes.  Donations of the above items or cash donations would be greatly appreciated.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Leeder or Ms. Wynia @ 780-388-3881.

Music Program Fundraiser - We would like to add to our instruments for the music program, by purchasing bass xylophones & metalophones.  These instruments will cost approximately $5,000.  If you are able to help, any donations would be greatly appreciated.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Borzel at 780-388-3881. 



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