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Kindergarten - Grade 6


Alder Flats Elementary School is located in the Hamlet of Alder Flats near the western boundary of the County of Wetaskiwin approximately 110 km west of the City of Wetaskiwin on Highway 13.  The most significant economic factors in the region are found in agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, public service and retail/service-oriented businesses.  Alder Flats Elementary School is a Kindergarten through Grade 6 school with an enrolment of approximately 150 students, serving the Hamlets of Alder Flats and Buck Lake as well as the large surrounding rural area. The majority of our students travel to school via school busses. Students continue their Grades 7 to 12 education at Buck Mountain Central School.


Mrs. Carrie Laczo


Students - Our Focus, Community - Our Strength
Students, Staff and Community - Together We Succeed


"We inspire, sustain and celebrate learning, are open to all students, and focus on service through research-based instruction so that children and youth discover, develop and act upon their potential." This is the mission statement of The Wetaskiwin Regional Public School Division.  Alder Flats Elementary School wishes to endorse and echo this mission statement.