Weekly Newsletter

Posted on September 18 2023

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School Council Meeting - Sept 26

Posted on September 14 2023

Alder Flats Playschool Registration

Posted on September 12 2023

Peace Hills Cross Country Run

Posted on September 8 2023

PEACE HILLS XC MEET 2023 Tech Package Please note it is the parents responsibility to transport their child to event and arrange all payments. 

Minister's Welcome Back to School

Posted on September 7 2023

Minister’s Welcome Back To School

Staggered Entry

Posted on August 29 2023

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL We will be having a staggered entry this year. Wednesday, August 30 - Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3 & 5 Thursday, August 31 - Grades 2, 4 & 6 Friday, September 1 - all students including…

Thank You

Posted on June 12 2023

We would like to take this opportunity to do a Huge SHOUTOUT to all Volunteers, Parent Council and Companies who have donated to us this year.  Your support is what makes us a success!!! THANK YOU

Alder Flats Public Library Information

Posted on May 30 2023

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Parent Engagement Session

Posted on May 24 2023

School Closed May 16, 2023

Posted on May 16 2023

Due to the sudden influx of smoke and poor air quality, Alder Flats, Buck Mountain Central and Winfield Schools will be closed today, May 16th, 2023. 

Evacuation Resources

Posted on May 9 2023

Evacuation Resources Brochure

School is Open

Posted on May 8 2023

Alder Flats, Buck Mountain Central and Winfield Schools will be OPEN on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.  

School Council Meeting - May 3

Posted on April 26 2023

Please attend the School Council Meeting

BMC Open House

Posted on April 24 2023

BMC Open House

Monthly Newsletter - May

Posted on April 24 2023

May Monthly Newsletter

Winfield Baseball

Posted on April 17 2023

Check us out. 

April Monthly Newsletter

Posted on March 31 2023

April 2023 Calendar

Birdhouse Building and Drumming Presentation

Posted on March 10 2023

Check out our video of our students building birdhouses and then a drumming presentation in the afternoon. AFES Bird House Building and Drumming

Friday - March 10

Posted on March 8 2023

Birdhouse Building & Drumming Presentation

AFBL Public Library

Posted on February 21 2023

Card Making Class